jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009


Microcat Daihatsu 01/2014

Region: Asia, Europe
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish
OS: WinXP , Vista, W7 32 (none microcat work on 64bits)
Software Version :2014.1.0.6
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD
Date of update: 01/2014
Tipo/Type : Catalogo de Partes/Parts Catalog

it is a original spare parts catalog which contains the information on all models from 1987 to 2008.
There is a search by chassis number also. The information about the vehicle by chassis number gives country where the vehicle is sold, colour, equipment, etc....

Daihatsu Microcat features

• Simple automatic point and click installation/update procedure
• Full network support
• On screen color to aid interpretation
• Personal user preferences
• Point and click user preferences
• Keyboard functionality incorporating short cuts
• VIN driven parts interpretation
• Wide range of illustration handling
• Multilingual facilities (25 languages)
• Wide ranging, flexible dealer management system connections
• High quality print facility
• Illustration hot spots
• Multiple search functions
• User notes
• Full data security
• All catalogue data and images for all range of Daihatsu models
• Supersession Information
• Reduce choices filtering
• Quick Price Locator
• User definable profiles for collisions, PNC or part numbers.
• High quality image standards
• SuperWindow™ - super search

Models Covered:

Applause A101/A111 [AUSEURGEN]
Charade G100/02 1987-1990 [AUSEURGEN]
Charade G100/02 1990-1993 [AUSEURGEN]
Charade G200/G204 [AUSEURGEN]
Copen L880 [AUSEURNZ]
Copen L881 (10/2005-) [EUR]
Cuore L200/201 [AUSEURGEN]
Cuore L251 (09/2005-) [EURGEN]
Cuore L276 (04/2007-) [EURGEN]
Cuore L501 [AUSEURGEN]
Cuore L701 [EURGEN]
Cuore/Charade L251 (02/2003-08 /2005) [EURGEN]
Gran Move G301/G303
Delta V# (05/1999-11/2005) [AUSGEN]
Delta V# (12/2005-) [AUSGEN]
Delta V# (1984-1999) [AUSGEN]
Extol S221 [AUSEURGEN]
Feroza F300/310 [AUSEURGEN]
Gran Max S401/S402 [gen]
Gran Move G301/G303 [AUSEURGEN]
Hijet (Pickup) S201 [GEN]
Hijet S200/S320 [GEN]
Hijet S200/S320 [GEN]
Hijet (Van) S321 [GEN]
Materia M401/M402/M412 [EURGEN]
Move L901 [EURGEN]
Rocky F73/78/93/98 [AUSEURGEN]
sirion M100/101/110/111 [AUSEURGEN]
Sirion M300/M301/M303/311 [EURGEN]
Terios (7 Seaters) F700/F710 [GEN]
Terios J100/102/122 [AUSEURGEN]
Terios J200/J210/J211 [EURGEN]
Trevis L651 [EUR]
YRV M200/201/211 [AUSEURGEN]

Liberación totalmente sencilla,

* con un solo clic, puedes corregir problemas de funcionamiento del catalogo, no mas mensajes de error, limitaciones.
* nunca expira (no necesita retroceder la fecha de la pc para ejecutar el catalogo).
* multi-idioma (español,ingles,aleman,ruso,rumano,turco).
* Polygamy microcat (ejecuta varias instancias del mismo catalogo o ejecutarlo junto con otros catalogos microcat al mismo tiempo).
- todo en un solo clic.

Completely simple liberation,

* just with one clic, you can fix problems running the catalog,no more error messages,limitations.
* never expire (dont need go back the pc date for run the catalog)
* multi-language (spanish,english,german,russian,rumanian,turkish).
* Polygamy microcat (run many instances or run with other microcat catalogs in the same time).
- all in just one clic.